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For example, Express Updates include support for monthly quality updates for Windows 7, Windows 8. Windows Update patching is disabled by default. The method supports a smaller number of Microsoft products than the traditional method and does not support updates from other vendors.


For example, with this method you can deploy monthly quality updates for Windows 7, Windows 8. Note: Microsoft does not publish the full list of products that are supported by the Windows Update Agent. The method uses Windows Update Agent to download updates from Microsoft servers directly to client computers. The method uses the peer-to-peer downloading functionality built into the Symantec Management Agent to minimize the number of computers that need to download content from a remote server.

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The peer-to-peer downloading quickly and reliably downloads and distributes updates from other computers on your local network. The method uses the Windows Update Delivery Optimization capabilities that are designed to serve the similar purpose. Additionally, when you configure the Default Microsoft Update Configuration Policy , you can let Patch Management Solution control download and installation of Windows updates. In this way you can configure whether Delivery Optimization gets data from computers on your local network only or from computers on the Internet as well.

I leave it open how to collect the members for the computer collections. However, I suggest using WMI queries or maybe direct membership for pilot purposes.

Just make sure the collections are filled with the computer systems who should receive the Windows updates. In the Software Update Groups, I made two groups for the two system collections. See the screenshot below. The user is informed that there are updates available.

Using Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager for Updates

Users can ignore these messages for three days. If they decide to click on it, the screen as shown below opens.

However, the deadline is reached after three days. The updates are downloaded in the SCCM cache and then installed in the system. Now the system needs to be restarted and the user is presented with the popup as shown below. This happens in the last 30 minutes of the minutes countdown.

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  6. All the programs that are open are in background now and there is no excuse for the users to say they have not been informed or lost work due to an unexpected restart. The users could even influence the installation and restart their own computer systems themselves. If the counter reaches the computer is being restarted and the installation of the Windows security updates is completed.

    Manage Software Updates, OS Rollouts, and Patches.

    With this behavior, the computer systems stay up to date with the latest Microsoft updates and the customer is more protected against ransomware. Your email address will not be published. System Center Client agent settings. These are the default System Center Client agent settings. These are the default settings. If the deployment deadline is greater than 24 hours, then give a reminder to the user every 48 hours. If the deployment deadline is less than 24 hours, give the user a reminder the user every 4 hours. If the deployment deadline is less than 1 hour, remind the user every 15 minutes.

    Now go to the restart options. Configuration Manager Client restart options. My customer decided that these settings suits his needs: The users are presented with a temporary notification that indicates the interval before the user is logged off or before the computer restarts. In this case: minutes. Display a dialog box that the user cannot close which displays the countdown interval before the user is logged off or before the computer restarts. This is set to: 30 minutes. Deploy button Select the update group and press deploy and follow the Wizard.

    Deploy Microsoft Updates with SCCM – the User-Friendly Way - How To Do IT

    Deployment Wizard: Set deadline. Set a deadline.

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    4. In my case the customer decided that a three-day deadline is enough. Deployment Wizard: Set user notifications, deadline behavior and restart options. I choose the options as above when deploying updates. I am following the company guidelines as much as possible, but maybe other options are more suited for your company.